An ecosystem of enduring client
relationship & employee loyalty

We established an ecosystem of enduring client relationship and employee loyalty through the core engine of Talent Creation Program (TCP) and Talent Development Program (TDP) that are integral parts of our supply chain which supports our service lines.

Since 2005, through our TCP and TDP programs, we have trained and retained a large pool of personnel specialized and skilled in serving financial-related industry clients.

Employee satisfaction and enhanced career development has resulted in better service to our clients. Client satisfaction in return motivates our employees to continue providing optimum professional service to them. This strong ecosystem enables us to uphold for new service offering developments.

What We Can Do

Our talent training services have offered training courses in five areas, including

  • Domain knowledge
  • Technology skills for senior personnel
  • Data security and management compliance training
  • Soft skills for all level personnel
  • English language skills (e.g. verbal, business correspondence, etc.) for personnel of all levels, especially for those who need to communicate with global customers directly on a daily basis.

successful case of tcp

In 2014, we entered into a collaboration with Sanda University to set up CLPS College. We select more than 200 students each year to participate in our training program. During their junior and senior years, the students learn to implement the concepts covered by our TCP platform along with their other computer science theory and coursework. Thereafter, the students join us as interns to continue improving their software development skills and will eventually become part of our development teams. As a result, graduates have an equivalent of nine months’ worth of “on the job” training and experience.

In 2017, we collaborated with Global Business College of Australia (GCBA) to set up a Financial Innovation Center (FIC) on its campus offering our TCP training program to GCBA students with a specific interest in the banking industry.


Successful case of TDP

Our TDP program is a continuous internal training program for our skilled-professionals to upturn their skillsets and business knowledge based from their own domain and technical field therefore they can provide latest, in demand, professional services to our client.

  • – Our specialization, particularly in banking and insurance industry;
  • – In depth domain knowledge and solutions in financial industry;
  • Strategic engagements with financial blue chip clients most of which have been with us since our foundation;
  • – Comprehensive service offerings in consulting & financial IT solutions and other services;
  • – Experienced senior management team with proven track record of success.

Our joint effort with Fudan University has established support to our senior staff to earn a financial-IT oriented master’s degree in Software Engineering (MSE).


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