Research & Development
Research and development is an important part
of our continued growth.

Focus on the research and application of innovative technology enabling CLPS to achieve technology innovation in industry verticals.

Based on CLPS’s extensive experience and know how in financial technology industry, CLPS set up an independent research institution, the-“CLPS Innovation Lab”.

CLPS Innovation Lab focuses on the exploration and research of new and advanced technology to be utilized into its existing and new solutions. With its continuous innovation, CLPS is dedicated to improve its technological innovation capability and market competitiveness, and enhance its project delivery capacity and efficiency by utilizing advanced technology tools and application.

Research Area

• New technology
• New technical knowledge
• Application innovation utilizing new technology
• Innovative talent pool

Successful Cases

CLPS Innovation Lab has currently the following research and development initiatives:


Big Data

By utilizing the big data technology, we researched the new features of existing credit scoring solution and anti-fraud solution.

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Cloud Computing

With micro services architecture, we researched the cloud-native solution of core banking system and have developed the first pilot business module.

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Helped enterprises to optimize basic process operations, reduce costs, and start a new journey of digital transformation

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Applied in our project delivery process and platform, and it greatly enhanced the development, operation efficiency and project quality.

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