We are one of the largest credit card service
providers in China.

CLPS is one of the largest credit card service providers in China.

Most of the global credit card issuers maintain branches and supporting technical infrastructure in China.

The development, testing, support and maintenance of these platforms require in-depth understanding and knowledge of business processes supported by IT. There is a significant demand for such IT consulting services among large-scale credit card platforms because many of such institutions experience shortage of qualified personnel and resources.

With more than ten years of experience in the credit card service industry, CLPS is a leading service provider with hundreds of professionals specializing in the areas of credit card technology and business services. The Company has successfully implemented credit card systems for many large banks and other financial institutions, covering multinational and multi-currency transactions.

CLPS is well positioned to provide clients a full range of credit card services and to meet the growing demand from new application scenarios and innovations in the credit card business.

What We Can Do

CLPS has more than ten years of experiences on IT consulting services in credit card business areas, including but not limited to:

  • Credit card applications
  • Account setup
  • Authorization and activation
  • Settlement
  • Collection
  • Promotion
  • Point system
  • Anti-fraud
  • Statement
  • Reporting
  • Risk management

Successful Case

CLPS has successfully provided China and global clients to manage their credit card IT systems and to meet customized business needs under several business models.

  • Development of IT platform and support for a top global credit card institution
  • Integration and migration of credit card system platform for a large commercial bank in Hong Kong, China
  • Establishment of quality control testing system for credit card system of a large state-owned bank in China
  • Development of account decision management system in the credit card business for a large commercial bank in China
  • Development of vision plus credit card platform for a well-known payment processing platform in the US

Our Teams

On December 2019, CLPS established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Qinson Credit Card (QCC) Services Limited, to enhance and further develop its competitive advantage in credit card services.

By integrating CLPS’s credit card service resources and its in-depth knowledge and successful applications of advanced technologies such as big data, blockchain, and robotic process automation (RPA), QCC aims to provide clients with comprehensive credit card services such as consulting, business operations, product implementation, business hosting, skills training, infrastructure construction, and other services. Moreover, its objectives are to continuously improve service capabilities, enhance CLPS’s core service offering, and continue to execute its business development strategy.



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