Blockchain Solution
Seeking to continue exploring potentials for
innovation in the banking industry

The development of fintech, blockchain, and other new technology brings transformation and significant improvement to banking and financial services.

CLPS and clients jointly seek to continuously explore potentials for banking industry innovation by challenging traditional business models, which will bring new and improved services to market.

What We Can Do

Unlike the legacy technology, emerging technology such as blockchain has the characteristics of decentralizing, non-tampering, and traceability, which guarantee a fair and honest transaction. Combined with the application of encrypted algorithm, intelligent contract, and other technologies, it can reduce the protection cost and solve security and credit problems. The blockchain technology has become one of the most important trajectories of the technological strategy of financial institutions.

CLPS have extensive and in-depth knowledge in blockchain technology that enables us to provide end-to-end customized solutions for our clients.

Our R&D center, the CLPS Innovation Lab consistently explores and researches to provide CLPS a comprehensive and creative solution utilizing cutting-edge technology.20

Successful Case

Developed a loyalty reward solution built on blockchain technology, which allows Chinese banks to track and trace transactions in real-time. Through this technology, the banks offer their consumers the ability to combine loyalty points from various promotions and redeem them while spending.

Carried out a cooperation project based on blockchain technology with a leading university of finance and economics in China, which has been successfully accepted by the university:

-“Online technical training platform based on blockchain technology”: Help college students understand how blockchain technology can be used in practical scenarios by building applications on real blockchain networks, and train professional talents with blockchain thinking.

-“Teaching management system based on blockchain technology”: The O2O platform offers an incentive mechanism that motivates students towards better study habits. This concept is similar to loyalty reward programs offered in the financial industry.


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